We hope you'll find these comments about our nursery useful ...
“A truly great nursery. My family and I have always received a warm welcome and I cannot speak highly enough of the staff. My son has been there since he was 8 months old (he is now 3) and couldn’t be happier - the staff are like his second family. I shall have no doubts about bringing my daughter here too when I return to work. The facilities - and especially the garden - are great, but at the end of the day it’s the people that your child spend the day with that really make the difference, and they are great too.” - George’s Mum

"This is a fantastic nursery! Both of my children have come here and really enjoyed their experience. When Chloe joined she was very shy. The staff helped her to settle in and made her feel comfortable. They make sure I am well informed about her day and progress after each session. The manager and staff have been very supportive and informative throughout. They have accommodated changes wherever they could. Overall this is the best nursery I have been to, and would recommend it to anyone.” - Chloe’s Mum

“I am very happy with Nahshons’s development and the relationships that he has built here. Nahshon is a very loving child and is willing to show this when he is comfortable; which he does here! (hugging staff). The staff are wonderful and I am very  happy with the care Nahshon receives. The manager is very approachable and I am always able to talk to her about anything. All in all, both Nahshon and I are having a lovely experience at this nursery.” - Nahshon’s Mum

“Chapel House came highly recommended from a previous parent and in turn it is highly recommended by me. The staff in the 2-3’s room are warm and friendly. My daughter settled in well & loves attending.” - Raena’s Mum

“Lovely environment with approachable, supportive and social staff!” - Nicola and Tafari’s Mum

“My daughter joined the nursery when she was 9 months old. She is now 2 years old and still enjoying her time here. Her development over the months has been amazing! Her speech, her interaction with other children and adults, her learning abilities, counting, colours and alphabet etc. are remarkable. My daughter is very happy here. I would certainly recommend sending your children here!” - Ava’s Mum


"The nursery is fantastic. My child is safe and in capable hands. The staff are amazing and very friendly. Alfie’s personal development has come on leaps and bounds at an early age." - Alfie's Mum

"I have seen improvements in speech and my child can count and is more playful. I am amazed at how many activities the staff do with the children!" – Edisha’s Mum

"I am very happy with Oscar’s progress and engagement. The staff are very friendly, approachable and helpful. Oscar is very happy to come to nursery." – Oscar’s Mum

"I am very happy with the service provided for my son. It is a delight to have my son here. The attention he is given is greatly appreciated." – Malachi’s Dad

"Great facilities, amazing staff and couldn’t have hoped for a better nursery for both my children." – Mother of George and Emilia

"I fell that when my child started at Chapel House she started to open up, her speech has excelled, her confidence has grown and she interacts well with others. The nursery is amazing and the staff look after the children very well. I always recommend this nursery to people." – Neriah’s Mum

"Just thinking about my child leaving for school brings tears to my eyes. I don’t know how to thank you guys for all that you have done. Since Junior started here he has improved in every aspect. You guys have done wonders for my child. I don’t know how I am going to thank you. Every day my child comes home with something new he has done. You ladies have done your bit and I am very proud. Thank you." – Junior's Mum

"This nursery is absolutely brilliant and amazing. My child was attending another nursery and to be honest I should have been at Chapel House from the beginning. The team are brilliant and they tell me the slightest little thing about my child. The service is lovely and the staff are very loving and they look after my child just the same way I would." – Kyra's Mum

"I love how there are lots of activities taking place. I love the trips to the markets and lots of other exciting and interesting places. The staff go beyond the curriculum to extend the learning activities for the children. My child is in the pre-school room and I have noticed that Ava is prepared for school. The preparation has exceeded my expectations." - Ava's Mum

"The nursery is very good. My childs speech has come along well and he is starting to form sentences now. He is even talking more at home. His social development is progressing very well. Nursery is good for him. Kanye is happy and content and well settled." – Kanye's Mum

"From the beginning Aaron was shy, he didn’t want to play with any of the children. Now he has improved greatly. I am very happy with his progress. He is so independent now and I am happy with all the staff." – Aaron's Mum

"All the staff at Chapel house nursery are amazing at looking after our Daughter. Having attended during the day with my daughter on various occasions, I was thrilled to see first-hand an incredibly organised and meticulous team that made it look easy looking after children under the age of 2.  Just a special mention to both Santanna and Rhiannon. They are both truly amazing at their job and I will miss knowing that Isabella will be running into their arms each day after she moves to the next room." – Isabella’s Dad

“The nursery is highly committed to working in partnership with parents, and has highly positive relationships with parents. Parents are involved in the nurseries self-evaluation process and their comments have instigated change within the nursery. Parents are kept well informed about their child through daily discussion and through written information, and parents are extremely pleased with the ‘fantastic’ improvements made – and ‘very involved’.

Children settle well into nursery life. Staff are gentle and supportive which encourages the children to behave well and play harmoniously together. Staff are developing a ‘Learning Journal’ that records children’s development, and have a good understanding of the children’s interests and achievements.

They work very well with parents to understand their children’s individual needs. As a result, children make good progress, and warm and caring relationships are very evident. Recent significant investment in resources has greatly improved children’s access to good quality play resources. Actions taken have had a good – and in some respect ‘outstanding’ impact in bringing about improvement to the nursery and outcomes for children.” - OFSTED Report – July 2012

"Children have strong, warm relationships with staff who help them to settle well in the nursery. They learn about and respect others from different cultures and backgrounds...Children are motivated to learn and confident." - OFSTED Report - April 2017